Why Ratio?


Everything in cooking and baking is based on a ratio of one ingredient to another. If you know the ratio, then you can make just about anything. At Ratio Bakeshop, that fundamental equation is the source of inspiration behind everything we create—from our artisanal bread to our decadent brownies, scones, and cookies. As a locally-owned and operated bakeshop, we serve the greater Atlanta area with a continually-evolving menu of fine pastries and handcrafted desserts available for both custom and wholesale orders. Whether you’re looking to order a one-of-a-kind confection for an intimate gathering or larger celebration in your home or to stock the dessert case and menu in your restaurant or coffeehouse, we have something special waiting in store.

owner & pastry chef, Chris Flores-CC

Some brainiacs are born to bake. Just ask Chris Flores, owner of Ratio Bakeshop. A seasoned (and well-sweetened) pastry chef with a degree in Culinary Arts from the Art Institute in Atlanta, some of Chris’ earliest childhood memories involve the family kitchen and sugar dough, lots and lots of sugar dough. Whether assisting his mother Judi and grandmother Kay with a batch of holiday cookies or helping his father Mike make a batch of fudge, Chris was always ready with his rolling pin in hand. In the classroom, Chris began developing another passion—for math and chemistry. Solving things by adding, subtracting and considering proportions only fueled Chris’ primary passion for cooking and baking where accurate measurements and temperatures are critical to culinary success.

So fast forward to adulthood, sift all those ingredients together and fold in experience gained working at places like West Egg Café, Bakeshop and as Executive Pastry Chef at Nikolai’s Roof. The delicious result? Pastry chef Chris Flores, the man behind the measurements at Ratio Bakeshop. Say hey if you ever see him walking his beloved pug, Shiloh, and whatever you do, resist the urge to ask if you can lick whatever’s in his mixing bowl.

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one to one : measure for measure​
"His new bricks-and-mortar location is a real charmer." 
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"One of the 11 best new restaurants in Atlanta." 
"Ratio Bakeshop's photography is just as delectable as its desserts and baked goods."​
"The kind of pastries that transport you to childhood in a flash."
​- Creative Loafing